ASC In-Wall Bass Trapping

ASC Engineering has perfected the use of wall cavities for bass trapping in churches. We want bass trapping when music from the praise band or pipe organ generates bass frequency sound. This in turn smooths out the harshness and enhances the subtle tonality, and the congregation will be much happier.

Each job is designed by our Engineering Department to work correctly in your church, based on our proven formulas and the information you provide. ASC's Sanctuary Acoustic Design Process will determine if your church will benefit.

How It Works

Bass frequency sound waves travel right through wall mounted acoustic panels. If the panels are not vented, the sound reflects off the wall causing a low frequency echo that will drown out higher frequency sound. So, ASC vents the panels with a series of correctly sized and spaced holes behind special acoustic panels. To the casual observer, the system looks like ordinary panels. Yet the acoustic improvement is clearly audible.