SoundPanel Factory

Nearly all church acoustic projects utilize 2" sound panels which are covered with fabric. More recently, installations are starting to use stretch wall fabrics with sound panels underneath. In either case, ASC offers a 10,000 square foot acoustic products factory where all kinds and shapes of acoustic projects are built, and they have been building sound panels, from simple low cost rectangular budget sound panels for gyms to complex and huge acoustic wall murals for 25 years.

In short, the ASC factory floor is now available for large flat panel orders that can save you considerable expense by buying direct from the manufacturer. The more you buy, the more you save, and for the average sized church, the savings add up fast.

Because ASC often designs custom acoustic packages for specific projects, the factory is particularly suited to handle just about anything thrown their way. The extensive tooling and resourceful staff are now at the disposal of any church design committee or architect wishing to have their specially designed acoustic products manufactured by the best in the business.

Specialty Acoustic Products/Projects

We already work with interior designers, architects and acousticians to create their custom design acoustic products. We provide OEM manufacturing for acoustic designers who need quality workmanship on their proprietary designs. Typically, these are very project specific one-of-a-kind jobs. What we are now offering is the opportunity for ASC to be your manufacturer of acoustic products designed by you.