Hourly Engineering Consultation

Are you feeling completely overwhelmed and confused about acoustics for your church? Are you getting multiple suggestions that aren't adding up?

Thankfully, ASC has the answer. Hire our Engineering Department by the hour to answer all your questions. We've been improving church sound for over 25 years, and have dealt with many of the issues unique to churches. The hourly fee for this service is $80-198/hour (2010) depending on complexity.

To help the process, before your scheduled consultation, we ask that you provide the following:

Floor Plan & Interior Elevations of the church

Obtain a copy of accurate blueprints showing the floorplan and wall elevation detail. If these are not available, a simple drawing will suffice.

Photographs & Video Tape of the church

Although floorplans give good insight into physical dimensions and placement, they often leave critical details to the imagination. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We find it extremely valuable to view the actual room from a variety of angles. A videotaping of the room works well, and a combination of both pictures and video is ideal if possible. (When videotaping, please record the room both empty and in service.)

How-To Guide: Drawing a Floorplan (PDF)