Acoustical Analysis

Not all churches have an acoustical engineer in the neighborhood. But most every church has a good sound tech who can be guided into administering a number of sound tests and recording the results. ASC works with the technical staff and the equipment that already exists in the church to test the sound system of the church. The church sound tech learns to record the results of the testing and send the recording to ASC where they are analyzed. A report is generated which contains printouts of all the test data and an analysis of that data.

RT-60 Analysis

ASC uses the "balloon burst" test to determine the RT-60 (reverb) in your Sanctuary. The RT-60 test will indicate the amount of time it takes for sound to decay 60dB (decibels). This information can be very useful in making determinations of proper acoustical treatment for the specific size and use of the room. ASC sound-absorbing materials can be used to control reverberation so speech will not be garbled. The larger the room volume, the longer the reverberation time because sound waves will encounter room surfaces less often than in small rooms. Proper sound absorption can make the sound seem to come directly from the actual source rather than from everywhere in the room. ASC provides an RT-60 analysis which comes with a full data summary and charts for $300 (2010).

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