Acoustic Absorption Report (Recommended)

After the RT-60 analysis data is collected, ASC compares it to the church floorplan. We'll run the calculations to determine how many Sabins of absorption will be required to bring the RT-60 down to acceptable levels. The generated report lists how many square feet of acoustic absorption panels are needed. While this is not church voicing, it is useful information in the budgeting and fund-raising process.

This report costs $300 per room (2010).

In addition to your RT-60 data, please provide the following items:

Floor Plan & Interior Elevations of the church
Obtain a copy of accurate blueprints showing the floorplan and wall elevation detail. If these are not available, a simple drawing will suffice.
Photographs & Video Tape of the church
Although floorplans give good insight into physical dimensions and placement, they often leave critical details to the imagination. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We find it extremely valuable to view the actual room from a variety of angles. A videotaping of the room works well, and a combination of both pictures and video is ideal if possible. (When videotaping, please record the room both empty and in service.) format.