Valley Covenant Church

Valley Covenant Church in Eugene, Oregon utilizes ASC Half Round TubeTraps™ for rear wall and ceiling sound control. The system is beautifully color coordinated for aesthetics and voiced for great intelligibility. ASC installed this project over 15 years ago, and they're still as good as new. Typically, ASC now uses SoundPlanks to lower RT-60 and control directional sound reflection. The SoundPlanks are are used as a cost effective alternative to TubeTraps.

However, the ASC approach has always been to retain first reflections (brightness), while controlling subsequent reflections (RT-60). Pastor Steve also did the right thing by installing carpet and upholstered seating in his Sanctuary, which originally didn't have these features. Overall, he's very happy with the acoustic balance between spoken word intelligibility and congregational singing.

Each side of the Sanctuary ceiling features ASC's trademark "ribbed" grid of acoustic absorbers. These act to slow down horizontally directional reflections that can cause sonic "blurring" during sermons and other spoken word events.