St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church

St Thomas Aquinas has a volume of 151,000 cubic feet. The mid-band RT60 value was determined to be 3.95 seconds. A comfortable RT60 value for a space this size should be 1.5-2.5 seconds, so ASC went to work on a design. To keep costs under control, ASC combined standard as well as "surgical" acoustics. The standard approach uses a set quantity of absorptive materials in order to adjust the reverberation to acceptable levels. The surgical solution involves strategic placement of specialized products so that acoustic problems are solved closest to their sources, in the most cost effective manner, and most specifically for the room’s main uses.

Lay Parishioner Dan Drab worked with ASC's Church Engineering team to craft the perfect acoustic package. Mr. Drab had this to say:

"The installation of the SoundPlanks is complete with great success. It seems the echo was reduced by about 50%. It was a sufficient reduction that many church members commented on the positive results and said they could hear much better. At some point soon we will do another balloon test to more accurately measure the results. My thanks to everyone at Acoustic Sciences that assisted in this project.

...We are very satisfied not only in the echo reduction but also in how the SoundPlanks look on the wall. Thanks again for all your help."