Past Projects

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New Life Church


Valley Covenant Church, Eugene


Healdsburg Community Church


St. Thomas Becket Mission of the Society of St. Pius X


St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church


St. Thomas Episcopal Church



"Since the installation of [ASC products] the echoes are gone, people can easily hear each other and guest speakers can be quoted."
—Fred C. Weaver
Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church

"The TubeTraps are arranged in a design that is pleasing to the eye and at the same time, functional...We would highly recommend that companies and churches use ASC TubeTraps for any acoustic problem."
—Dan Hooper
Living Word International

"It was exciting to feel a warmness come into the Hall because the sound was so much more pleasing to the ear..."
—Kathleen DeMunck
Church of the Valley

"We've found the TubeTraps to be an effective acoustical treatment for our sanctuary as well as a very attractive visual element."
—James H. Gaderlund
Valley Covenant Church

"We felt like Art (Noxon) knew what he was doing, and we approached him with specific problems...He wanted to know the church's goals, what we do during services, because there are different styles of worship."
—Pastor Todd Wagner
New Life Center