How to Get started

With ASC Church Acoustics

At ASC we understand church acoustics, and can provide you with the guidance needed to move your project forward. We provide a complete acoustic analysis and project plan based on certain information which you provide. The process starts with a technical report and reverberation analysis.

We've developed a process at ASC that brings all our church acoustic testing and voicing to you without us having to be there. We use the mail, phone and email to communicate, and sometimes we'll ask you to perform a few simple tasks such as taking pictures and video.

ASC offers an array of acoustic services. Click on a link below for more.

► Reverberation Analysis
Starting point for existing churches that need acoustics, this provides RT-60 data for your church.

Acoustic Absorption Report (Recommended)
This report estimates how much acoustics you'll need based on the RT-60 on your church.

Sanctuary Acoustic Design
Detailed custom acoustic design for your church.

Pre-construction Plan Review
ASC Engineering reviews your plans with acoustics in mind, then we submit suggestions and an acoustic plan.

Consulting by The Hour
High quality acoustic advice by the hour from ASC Engineering.

In-wall Bass Trapping
If you have a praise band or pipe organ, you may need bass trapping.