Frequently Asked Questions

ASC Engineering Services

Since you are working with sound, don't you need to come to our church to listen and do tests?

Ideally, we would prefer to make physical visits to all projects we work on. However, this is cost prohibitive with many jobs. Since the science of acoustics deals with the laws of physics, wave propagation, and architectural geometry we are able to model and predict the behavior of your space with a fairly high degree of accuracy and certainty. There are situations which do require travel occasionally and we are happy to do so when feasible. However, of the hundreds of projects we work on each year, the vast majority are completed successfully without the added expense of physical travel.

Who installs the acoustic materials?

ASC provides a ready-to-install acoustic kit, customized for your particular space. Kits are designed to be fairly easy to install by either a local contractor or by volunteer members of the congregation. Product placement plans are included with each project.

How are the materials typically mounted?

Materials can be mounted in a variety of ways. Most typically they are affixed by screws or panel adhesive. We are able to accommodate a wide variety of applications and can custom design a mounting method that works best for your needs.

What does an acoustic analysis for a church normally cost?

Project sizes and scope can vary widely.  But, a typical church design project often will be in the $1500-3000 range for plan reviews, testing, analysis and recommendations.   That would be a good budget figure to start with.   To begin the process, go to our get started page.

Is there a way to know before hand, how the church will end up sounding?

There is no accurate way to replicate an acoustic treatment before hand at the church using electronics or an effects box. The problem is with the physical nature of the space, not the electronics. Not until the physics of the space are modified can the change be clearly noticed. Click here for a before & after demonstration of a recently completed project.

What is the fire rating on your products? Are they approved for commercial spaces and meet building codes?

All of our products are covered with Guilford 701 commercial grade fabric which has a Class 1 or A flammability rating. This means it will meet nearly all commercial building codes.

How can we be assured of success?

ASC has been addressing the same acoustic issues for churches for 25 years. During that time, we have perfected a unique approach that we know works wonderfully. When you hire ASC, your church will get the tried and true voicing ASC is famous for.

I'm trying to independently gather information on acoustics to share with our committee, but I don't want to take advantage of your expertise without paying for your services. How much do you charge to consult on church acoustics?

Often, our "consulting costs" are covered in the cost of purchasing your acoustic products from us. For general acoustic consulting by the hour, consult the engineer.

We suggest that you talk with other people in the church. Many people feel shy and timid about expressing their feelings, especially about the sound. But if you talk to them, they do have opinions. Make a list and develop your questions.